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Boudoir-style session, hosted either at your home, remote outdoor location, or alternate accommodations

Sexy is an energy, not a body type...


...a one of a kind, life-changing experience. A reminder of your absolute beauty, now and when you are in your 70’s. An opportunity to embrace your inner vixen. A confidence-boosting photo session. In this session, I encourage you to leave the keyword “boudoir” behind and adapt the idea of an “intimate” session, which can instead lead you on a path to reinvigorate your sense of self and help prioritize self-care. 
Let’s face it – for a lot of women today, taking care of ourselves is the last thing on our to-do list. We are too busy slaying our jobs, killing it as mamas, or simply trying to find our place in the world. But in this session, I want to help you understand that the key to being successful is loving yourself first and to start you on that journey with this first step.


To protect the privacy of these sessions, you must be granted access to view the portfolio gallery. Upon approval, the link to view the gallery will be sent. This link will change within one week, disabling your access to the gallery. Should you require more time, you will have to send an additional request.

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I’ll start by saying, have no fear...there will be prosecco! It all begins with atmosphere! Decide where YOU would feel most comfortable and we can cross-reference that with the look and vibe you are going for when deciding which package offering would be best. Not comfortable alone? Feel free to bring a friend to help you laugh and put you at ease at no extra cost. We’ll put on some music, pour a glass of champagne, and take the first few moments to talk about YOU – look at photos you’ve undoubtedly pinned, talk about why you’re here and what you’re looking to get out of your session, and most importantly – your insecurities. It’s super important to communicate! Let’s be real – we all have a “favorite side” and we tend to be our WORST critics. So although I can honestly say so many of those things are invisible to the rest of the world, talking about it allows me to be sensitive, both during your session and in the after-work.



The first thing I’ll mention is that the less change of outfits you have, the more time you will allow yourself to sink deeper into your comfort zone and thus giving us more time to shoot, which in turn results in more photos.


When deciding what to bring, remember that sexy looks different on everyone! Spend some time considering your version of intimate, whether that’s the risqué 50 shades type, or maybe more Calvin Klein (topless with ripped jeans), or somewhere in between. However, when all else fails – talk to me! Reach out whenever you want to get opinions and thoughts! 


Please note for alternate location sessions (hotels, air bnbs, etc.) - reservations will be booked by myself, cost will vary depending on budget and availability, and will require 50% of the total session cost to be paid up front to hold (this is non-refundable).  Please review the A La Carte Menu for additional pricing information and customizations.

Tier 1


0-40 miles from Wakefield, RI

30+ minutes, 40+ edited photos

Tier 2


41-60 miles from Wakefield, RI

30+ minutes, 40+ edited photos

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